Terms of Service

Terms and conditions for using the Naturland Training Platform for Inspectors, which runs with moodle software (in the following: training platform or moodle):

The following conditions apply to all users of the training platform, namely inspectors as well as other users and visitors.

Storage of personal data

To access the training platform, interested parties need to set up an account for which the electronic storage of the following personal information is required:

• Login name
• Family name and first name
• E-mail address
• Country/ Town
• User ID Number
• Inspection Body/ Company

These data are subject to the applicable data protection regulations.

Interested parties can request a user account by sending an email to the training coordinator. The provided credentials consist of a user name and an automatic password that must be changed at the first login of a subscriber. Users have the right to receive their own stored personal data free of charge upon written request.

A transfer of data to third parties is excluded. An exception exists when the user expressly authorizes the disclosure or publication is required by law.

Staff charged with the administration of the training platform, database and web server has access to all personal information stored in the database. Processing of these data must not happen and is only permitted when necessary for the operation of the database.

Deletion of Personal Data

Users have the right to correct, block or to delete inaccurate data upon written request.

The personal data will be stored for a period of 4 years after the last access (login) to the training platform and then will be permanently deleted. Personal contents and tests results will be deleted after two years evenly.

Storage of further data

When requesting a web file by using the training platform, the following access data will be stored:

• IP address of the accessing client
• Date and time of access
• Accessed file or address
• HTTP status code
• Size of the transmitted file
• Referrer address
• Type of used web browser
• In case of failure by the web server error message issued

The stored access data is only for technical and statistical purposes. A comparison with other datasets or disclosure to third parties, even in parts, does not occur. Neither trainers nor other users have access to this data.

Each data transmission is secured.

In addition, the user's data arising from voluntary or obligatory use of the website will be stored. This includes personal contributions in forums (feed back), blogs and wikis, but also tests results and navigation protocols. This data may be used by the training coordinator or the trainers for evaluation purposes of test results as part of the training.

Use of Cookies

Cookies (small text files) are used in moodle in two forms and must be accepted by user in order to enable the full functionality of moodle:

a) moodle ID: by accepting this cookie for the first time the login name is stored, and remains even after being logged out of the moodle platform. For the next login, the login name of the user appears already automatically. The use of this cookie is optional.

b) moodle Session: This cookie is necessary to maintain access to the next moodle page of the log. The cookie is automatically deleted when the browser history is cleared or the user logs off from the training platform. The use of this cookie is required.

Terms of obligations

By registering to this website, the user will receive a non-transferable right to use the training platform. The activities to be performed are limited to following learning modules (courses), internal communication with the training coordinator and with trainers and performance of tests. Any other private and / or commercial use is strictly prohibited. The memory space reserved for each user is made available exclusively for storing test data and feed back within the courses.

All users are required to treat the data made available to them by other participants in strict confidence and not to disclose to third parties. An exception is only the appropriate written permission from the relevant stakeholders. It is forbidden to delete data without authorization or to suppress and modify them.

In addition, users are required to comply with regulations in general and in the context of copyright and privacy. When linking to external websites should be checked by the user that they have no illegal content.

Users must not post any contravention of statutory provisions, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, libellous, abusive, threatening, inciting hatred or racist content in the training platform. Displaying advertisements of any kind, as well as the transmission of information, which contain a viruses, bugs, tampering or other similar harmful elements, is prohibited, as is the creation of contents which damages the reputation of Naturland or third parties.

Use exclusion

In case of a breach of these Terms, the user will be asked to refrain from this behaviour. Failure to comply with this request will lead to an exclusion of the user from the training platform and eventually to a withdrawal of the inspection mandate related to the training activities. A claim for a re-admission will not be granted. Prerequisite for the reinstatement is inter alia a written application with the assurance that the abusive behaviour is dismissed in the future.

Liability on the part of Naturland

Naturland, as operator of the training platform is only liable for gross negligence or intentional misconduct. This is especially true for those damages that users of the training platform suffer from downloading malicious software or materials. All inspectors have to use the official Naturland standards and checklists enclosed in the inspection mandate when carrying out inspections. The contents and indications of the training material (learning modules) may differ from the official standards and may not be used for inspections, but only for training purposes.

Liability on the part of users

If a user fails to comply with the Terms of Service or any legal obligations, he is liable under the statutory provisions.

Amendment of Terms

Naturland reserves the right to extend or modify the Terms of Service.
Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be in writing on the training platform with an appropriate reference, where the changes are appreciated announced

Last modified: Tuesday, 2 August 2016, 3:20 PM